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Cubroid Coding Blocks Premium Kit

Cubroid Coding Blocks Premium Kit

Introducing Cubroid, the world’s easiest coding block set that allows children to explore the world of technology and gain exposure to coding! Through dynamic connective blocks and simple coding, Cubroid offers a fun and educational experience for children to express their creativity.


  • Wireless coding blocks for STEM education


1. A set of programming blocks without any visible lines or connecting pins


2.Created for safe and easy assembly


3. Equipped with actuators and sensor blocks that work without external connections


4.Functions via wireless communication, which makes it possible for users to code in numerous combinations


5. Compatible with Legos for creative purposes, so children can be innovative without restrictions


6. An opportunity for young kids to learn STEM concepts and simple programming


7. A source of confidence and a sense of accomplishment for young kids when they successfully build and operate their own robots



  • Cubroid Block Introduction


1. Master Block 

Be expressive and code with a variety of colors.
Cubroid can be linked to the Scratch program when connected to a computer


2. DC MOTOR Block 

Block with 360 degree rotation


3. LED Block

With 64 LED dots in total you can showcase many different illustrations


4. Sound Block

Block that can emit various sounds


5. Proximity Sensor Block

A block that detects the proximity of approaching objects


6. Light & Touch Sensor Block

A block that detects the level of light it is exposed to

A block that detects when the button is pressed



  • Cubroid Coding Platform

Free download from Android Play Store / iOS App Store


Level 1. Smartphone / Tablet coding mode  (Codig Cubroid 2)

With our coding apps (Coding Cubroid 2 app) everyone can easily code.
Coding is done by aligning images in a drag-and-drop way.


Level 2. Only Tablet coding mode (Advanced Cubroid)

You can code various motions and sensor values as you want according to the function of each coding block. There is no limitation to controlling the time value and other functions. With our 7 coding blocks, you can expand your coding programs.



Level 3. Scratch 2.0 coding mode

Our Scratch coding platform will help you take your programming skills to the next level. Scratch Mode is recommended for more advanced users that are working to really hone in on their programming abilities.


  • Safety Warning

    Please check the link.

    Safety Warning

    1. Warning! Due to the inclusion of small parts, this set is not to be used by children below 3 years old.
    2. Please do not put components of this set in your mouth as there are smaller parts included that can be swallowed.
    3. Warning! In the case of fire, move away from the source.
    4. Do not use excessive force.
    5. Do not throw products at people or animals as it may result in injury.
    6. Recharging of the batteries should be done by or with the assistance of an adult.
    7. Please keep away from water and or humid conditions as the module blocks are not waterproof.
    8. Do not store in places of high tempera
  • Return & Refund Policy

    Paid Out-of-Warranty Services
    If the warranty period has passed.
    In the instance of the user’s mishandling.
    Damage from repairs done outside of Cubroid’s repair center.
    Life span of the component has expired.
    Product breakdown or damage caused by a natural disaster.


    A/S Information

    Warrenty Period: 1 year from the date of purchase.

    Warrenty Period of Expendable Parts (battery, motor, etc): 6 months from the date of purchase.

    We will repair any defects in performance and functionality caused by normal use within the warranty period, and will replace the product if it can not be repaired.

  • Shipping Info

    This item is free shippingShipping is via FedEx.

    When commodities arrive at the destination, some will be checked by the customs and certain tariff shall be paid or not, depending on the provisions and operations of each country. Since all the import tariffs depend on local policies, customers are required to undertake related expenses at the destination port, if any.

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