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Meet Cubroid

Cubroid is the world’s easiest coding block set that allows children to explore the robotics world and gain exposure in coding. Through the use of dynamic & wireless connector blocks and simple coding platforms, we offer a fun and educational experience for children to express their creativity.

STEAM education with Cubroid

Children can improve their knowledge in science, develop their collaboration skills and enhance their creativity in problem solving by using Cubroid products & services.

Why Cubroid?


A set of coding blocks without any visible lines or connecting pins.


A creative framework to understand the relationship between software and hardware.


Compatible with LEGO®s for creative purposes, so children can innovate without restrictions.


Develop problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, collaboration, and creativity skills through science, technology, ngineering, mathematics, and the.


Code and control your robot creations with smart devices.


Variety of coding platforms for smart devices and the worlds most widely used scratch & python programs to increase education scalability.

Premium Kit Components

Get started with our easy-to-assemble coding blocks

Master Block x1
LED Block x1
DC Motor Block x2
Sound Block x1
Proximity Sensor Block x1
Light Touch Sensor Block x1
Building Block(pyramid) x6
Building Block (Cube) x30
Connector Block x50
Wheel x2
Sub Wheel Block x2
One Sided Connector L
One Sided Connector 3
One Sided Connector 2
Double Sided Connector 2
Double Sided Connector 3
Double Sided Connector T
Double Sided Connector +
USB Cable x1
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Cubroid Block Introduction

6 Modules with various functions

Robot Assembly Modules

Imagine and assemble over 300+ robots with Cubroid

Compatibility with other products

LEGO® Compatibility

Extend your creativity with LEGO®
Cubroid Coding Blocks are seamlessly

compatible with LEGO® products.

Compatible with Scratch

Cubroid can be operated through the Scratch programming platform when the master block

is connected to a PC with a USB cable.

Programming Platforms

Intuitive and simple 3-level platform

LEVEL 1. Coding Cubroid 2 (Smartphone or Tablet)

Our controller app (go! Cubroid) has been added as a component to the Coding Cubroid 2 & 3 app
to enable you control your assembled robot without having to code directly.

Coding Cubroid 2 & 3 Apps are specially designed for the mobile platforms (thus iOS & Android).
Everyone can easily code by just aligning the images by just dragging and dropping.

LEVEL 2. Advanced Cubroid (Only Tablet)

Using the Advanced Coding app, you can code various motions and sensor values
according to the function of each coding block. 
Learn to use programming principles, constructs, controls, triggers and conditions.

LEVEL 3. Scratch 2.0 

Take your programming skills to the next level by using our Scratch Coding Platform.
Scratch Mode is recommended for advanced users who want to hone their coding skills,
create a much more exciting robot and see their wildest imaginations come to life!

e-Learning Platform 

Get started with easy and fun online education and learning with Cubroid!


Our free online education platform has been carefully developed with rich and exciting contents in the form of missions that are practical and intuitive. With this platform, children can learn how to assemble & code robots in an easy, fun and interactive way.

Visit our educational platform at : education.cubroid.com

 Workbooks for Kids

Cubroid Robot Building & Programming Curriculum

48 week set of workbooks for a 2 year academic curriculum and teaching guides for schools.
 These contents have been designed with interesting stories and professionally recorded music that

kids love. They also cover our Scratch, Tablet and Phone Coding apps in a step-by-step manner as you learn to assemble and code our robots.

Cubroid Youtube

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Cubroid Global Activities

Cubroid is currently present in 36+ countries! Get in Touch if you would like to partner with us!


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